The Court of the Lord Lyon
Scotland’s Heraldic Authority

A Short Course in Heraldry

During the first UK Lockdown in 2020 of the pandemic, the Lyon Office tweeted a daily series of heraldic topics for eight weeks.They are very much of their time and weighted for the most part towards children. Nonetheless, they contain many glimpses of the Lyon Register, more properly the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland not available elsewhere so it is hoped people will still find them useful.

Week 1: Week beginning March 30th 2020

1. The component parts of an achievement of arms: 2. The tinctures, fesses. lions rampant, blazonry, lions to colour in 3. Divisions of the field, dexter and sinister, brass rubbings to colour in 4. Roundels, crosses, other heraldic charges to colour in 5. Week one Quiz and recommended weekend viewing

Week 2: Week beginning April 6th 2020

1. 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath - Seals 2. Making a Difference, unicorns to colour in. 3. Coronets of Rank, Sudoku 1, Word-search 1 (Heraldic Terms) 4. Canting Arms, crossword, Sudoku answer, heraldic anagrams, wyverns etc 5. Quiz; Suduko 2

Week 3: Week beginning April 13th 2020

1. The Royal Arms 2. Hatching and tricking. 3. Animals, erased, couped, cabossed. 4. Heraldry and Women. 5. Quiz, sudoku on charges and crossword.

Week 4: Week beginning April 20th 2020

1. Church Heraldry 2. Funeral hatchments. 3. Insignia of Office. 4. Heraldic Beasts 1: The Gryphon 5. The Badges of Officers of Arms

Week 5: Week beginning April 27th 2020

1. The Regional Councils 1973-1995 2. The Island & City Councils 1973-1995 3. The District Councils of the quondam Borders, Central, and Dumfries and Galloway Regions. 4. The District Councils of the quondam Regions of Fife, Grampian, Lothian and Tayside. 5. The District Councils of the quondam Highland Regional Council