The Court of the Lord Lyon
Scotland’s Heraldic Authority


Scale of Fees for the grant of Arms:

Fees, fixed by Parliament, together with the fees for artwork were last revised on 1st January 2019.

the full list can be downloaded HERE.

Dues, Fees and Charges are assessed on the circumstances of each individual case. An individualised note of the specific Dues, Fees and Charges will be issued to each Petitioner along with the draft text. Payment of all Dues, Fees and Charges must be made in cleared funds before the draft text will be placed in the Herald Painter’s box for listing. Each item in the Herald Painter’s box will be listed for allocation to a Heraldic Artist in chronological order according to the date of entry in the Herald Painter’s box. All enquiries about business before the Court of the Lord Lyon must be directed to the Lyon Clerk at the address given above. Petitioners are welcome to request that an item of work is carried out by a specific Heraldic Artist. While the Lyon Office will do its best to accommodate such requests no guarantee is given. Agreement to such a request is not binding on the Lyon Office, allocation of cases being affected by workload, the availability of Heraldic Artists and other factors. It should be noted that agreement to a specific Heraldic Artist carrying out work does not result in the work being allocated more quickly. The item of work will be allocated to the specified Heraldic Artist in order of listing. Cheques should be made payable to “Scottish Government (Court of the Lord Lyon)”. Bank transfer details are available HERE.