March Pursuivant Extraordinary

The Court of the Lord Lyon
Scotland’s Heraldic Authority

Philip Tibbetts

Armorial Bearings of Philip Tibbetts

HM March Pursuivant Extraodinary

Sable, a chain in two gorges conjoined in the centre Argent. Crest: A demi-phoenix rising displayed Or enlfamed Gules, holding in its beak a flag staff there upon a forked pennon of the liveries charged with the crest badge. Volume 93 folio 94 2020
The title of this pursuivancy first appears in the Exchequer Rolls on 1515. The Marches refers to the Borders. The badge was designed by Elizabeth Roads LVO and registered in 2013.

March Pursuivants since 1515

1515 William Brown of Balmangan 1901 Captain George Sitwell Campbell Swinton 1923 Sir Thomas Wolseley Haig 2021 Philip Tibbetts
©Court of the Lord Lyon MMXXI
Philip Tibbetts was appointed March Pursuivant Extraordinary on September 1st 2021, having been Honorary Vexillologist to the Lyon Court since 2018. By profession a Strategy Manager in the Aerospace Industry, he has developed a parallel career as Community Vexillologist to the Flag Institute and is currently working with groups all over the United Kingdom in the development of community flags as instruments of social cohesion and local identity. Philip is a trustee of the Flag Institute, and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.