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Yvonne Holton

Armorial Bearings of Yvonne Holton

HM Islay Herald

Mrs Yvonne Holton, Islay Herald, bears the arms of her father, granted in memory of her grandfather John Cook Lamb, videlicet: Parted per fess Argent and Vert, in chief on a barrulet wavy Azure a herring drifter Sable and in base three lambs gambolling of the First.
The office of Islay Herald was first mentioned in 1493. The badge was designed by Alastair Campbell of Airds.

Islay Heralds since 1496

1496 Henry Thomson of Keillour 1531 Anon Hay 1525 Peter Thomson 1534 Gilbert Lindsay of Trakwan 1547 Peter Thomson 1572 James Purdie of Kinaldies 1588 Patrick Bannatyne 1591 Sir David Lindsay of the Mount 1596 Jon Blinsele 1617 Thomas Drysdale 1636 James Currie 1661 John Cullen 1667 John Bazilie
1676 William Govan 1701 James Still 1725 Alexander Martine 1757 Valentine White 1776 William Robertson 1795 Robert Grant 1811 John Cook 1851 William Goodall Bayley 1864 Henry Wilson 1981 John Inglis Drever "Don" Pottinger 2009 Alastair Campbell of Airds 2014 William David Hamilton Sellar 2021 Yvonne Holton
Yvonne Holton was appointed Dingwall Pursuivant in 2011 and advanced to Islay Herald in 2021. Mrs Holton was Herald Painter to the Court of the Lord Lyon from 2005 until 2021. She started working as a Lyon Court artist in 1990 after working as a freelance jeweller designer and book illustrator. She was the 2012 winner of the de Moffarts Prize for Heraldic Arts. Besides her work producing heraldic documents, recent commissions have included the design of the £2 coin marking the tercentenary of the Union of the Parliaments, a new mace for the Lord Lyon and the Badge of the UK Supreme Court.
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