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Lyon's Collar

The Lord Lyon has two collars, one the traditional silver- gilt collar of  SS and a new collar, based on the ancient collar showing thistles, which was created in 1998 by the American sculptor, Don McKee, and was the gift of forty St Andrew Societies, led by that of San Francisco, which each provided a link. 

Lyon's Crown

A  crown for the Lord Lyon is mentioned a number of times in different accounts. Writing of his own coronation in 1630, Lyon Sir James Balfour of Denmilne, Bt, states: "As for his Crowne it is maid closse, all of beatine Gold, eftir the model of the imperiall crowne of Scotland, not sett with stones, but onlie enambled, its cape [cap] being of crimpsone velvet doubled and uplayed with ermines." It is clear from the descriptions that the Lyon's crown was a copy of the royal crown of Scotland but with enamel instead of jewels.
Lyon’s Regalia

Lyon’s Baton of Office:

The Lord Lyon’s baton is covered in blue velvet semée of gold thistles. Here it is borne by Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, Lyon from 1945-1969.
It would seem that the last Leonine coronation was that of Sir Charles Erskine of Cambo, Bt, who was created Lyon in 1663.  The Duke of York crowned him with the Crown of Scotland, itself, as each previous Lyon had regarded his crown as personal property.  With the Union of Parliaments and other major constitutional changes, in 2002  the St Andrews Fund for Scottish Heraldry and the Heraldry Society of Scotland with royal permission commissioned a new one from the royal jeweller, Hamilton and Inches. Designed by Nicola Williams, the arches are removable as it would not be appropriate at a royal coronation for there to be a second closed crown in the assembly.